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What We Do
1 ABCDONE assists in all of the UK business & professional relocation matters.
We are an OISC regulated immigration law firm.
Jointly with the Goldman Professionals team, we have been chosen as a UK Government's trusted partner by:
  • UK Department of Work and Pensions
    for acting as a Kickstart Scheme gateway
  • Over 300 startups and SMEs
    for successfully managing their recruitment processes
  • over 250 professionals
    for successfully helping them get employed
Why Consider UK  for Immigration
  • 331,233
    work and business-related visas were granted in the year ending June 2022 (including dependants) - 72% more than in 2019. 
What makes the UK so increasingly attractive?
  • Good for business:
    The UK is among top 10 countries in the World Bank's Ease of Doing Business Index.

    • Labour market of more than 60 million people.
    • Top-rated major European economy for attracting global talent
    • Competitive labour costs ( National Living Wage stands at £9.50 per hour)*
  • Top investment space in Europe:
    London has dominated tech investment in Europe this year, raising £8.6bn, double that of Paris which raised £3.9bn and over four times the amount of Berlin (£1.9 bn).
  • Lowest corporation tax rates in the G20:
    The current Corporation Tax rate is 19%.

    • Claim Corporation Tax relief ( if you work on Research and Development (R&D) project.
    • No withholding tax on dividends paid by the UK companies to shareholders in another country
  • Quick way to settlement and British citizenship
    • If you have a UK work or a UK business visa, You can apply for ILR ( Indefinite Leave to Remain) in just 3-5 years. After obtaining the Indefinite Leave to Remain, you can apply for British citizenship in 12 months, provided that you’ve lived in the UK for 5 years. The British passport is the world's fifth most powerful passport, with visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 187 countries.
    Work/ Business Visa -> ILR-> Passport
    *according to
Take a scoring test to find your immigration route
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Why Choose 1ABCDone
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    • 30+ years of combined team experience
    • More than just immigration lawyers - team of business professionals (Finance, HR, investment, operations, marketing)
    • Unlike most law firms we are specialising on the UK work and business immigration (Startup visa, Innovator visa, Global Talent visa, and beyond)
    • We are available to communicate round the clock on WA/Telegram/ Email/ Video Calls
    • Flexible, tailored solutions - choose only what YOU need
    • Dedicated manager will ensure that all your questions are answered
  • We are invested in YOUR SUCCESS
    • 90%+ of our clients are referred by our existing clients network
    • Many of our clients become our specialist partners [mention Marketing agencies, mention HR business, mention Zadarma (?), ERSN

We grow with you - and our exclusive business professionals' community!

Fedor Pankratov
Founder, UK Immigration Lawyer
I have spent recent years successfully advising professionals and business people on career and business growth, as well as associated immigration goals.

If you want to pursue your professional or business dream, the complexity of the UK immigration system should not stand in your way. You just need a bit of guidance.

As a UK immigration lawyer, I want to be this guide and help bright internationals like you come to the UK and thrive”.

LinkedIn: Fedor Pankratov
Fedor's Expertise & Professional Background
Areas of expertise:
  • UK Startup visa
  • UK Innovator visa
  • UK Global Talent visa
  • UK High Net Worth Immigration
  • UK HR & Recruitment
  • UK Business Grants

Qualifications and licences:
  • MA Management, University of St Andrews
  • OISC (Office of Immigration Services Commissioner) *
* Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) is an executive public body, sponsored by the Home Office. It “regulates immigration advisers, ensuring they are fit, competent and act in their clients’ best interests.”

Professional background:
Fedor’s background encompasses 8+ years of combined experience in business consulting, HR, and UK business immigration, which includes working with startups and SMEs, advising them on business grants, business development, and business relocation, as well as mentoring at the UK NatWest Accelerator.
Currently, Fedor is a UK immigration lawyer, as well as a Founder and the Head of Immigration at Goldman Solutions. He is trusted by the firm’s clients and partners for his in-depth knowledge, dedication, commitment and responsible attitude. He is also a regular speaker at the UK immigration and business events.
  • 1ABCDone is recognised by OISC (UK Office of Immigration Services Commissioner)
  • 1 ABCDone has been awarded by the Executive Russian Professional Network for providing the highest number of UK business immigration consultations to the network members